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Cryptocurrencies - A Cure or Blessing?

Few topics in business are as controversial as cryptocurrencies: this is despite their use occurring in a much smaller financial market environment than other assets. A key reason for this involves two questions of understanding: What are cryptocoins? And, how do they work? And particularly exciting: What influence will cryptocurrencies have on the future of global finance?
I deal with these questions, among other things, in my new paper “Cryptocurrencies - curse or blessing?”. Find out more here …

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Can blockchain stop cybercrime in the financial industry?

Due to the ever-increasing crime on the internet, we should think about how to make the internet more secure without at the same time giving up its desired anonymity in several devisions.

Let us all remember how a state revolution in Egypt was made possible solely by internet-based communication platforms, although this would probably have been unthinkable without the protection of the private individual. Today, most people in the world still live in states where there is no fully independent freedom of press and expression. We must create solutions that do not restrict freedom too much, leave privacy untouched and yet protect it from abuse.

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