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At the start of the company, Dynamic Solar Systems AG developed a unique inorganic nano-ink that can be used in a wide range of applications - a groundbreaking innovation: For the first time, it was possible to print without taking room temperature and clean room environment into account. Accordingly, all DSS applications comply with a new technical standard that focuses in particular on ecologically sensible processes and procedures: The company is currently focusing primarily on energy-efficient heating modules, printable solar cells, the development of printable solutions for energy storage, and new processes for converting heat into electricity as well as printable RFID technology - through the development of resource-saving products, free of toxic heavy metals or rare earth materials and 100% recyclable.

Nano ferrofluids are liquids that react to magnetic fields without solidifying. Above all, this research field offers opportunities with regard to the technical progress of identification processes as well as in the field of electromobility. Power Fluide GmbH is an innovative manufacturer of nano-ferrofluids: As a spin-off merger of various university research departments, the company bundles the expertise of a specialist with over 30 years of experience. Power Fluide GmbH is thus able to generate fluids that are tailored to special areas of application. A particular focus is on the production of nano ferrofluids for authentication processes (e.g. for validating products or the authenticity of checks) as well as those based on oil, which increase the efficiency of electric motors.

The IOLS GmbH ("intelligent onboard loading system") sells a worldwide patented technology for a highly efficient battery charging system with which a battery in any electromobility system can automatically generate energy while driving - emission-free electrical energy with no performance deficits. The idea behind this innovation: Every object (e.g. an e-vehicle) has the potential to generate energy based on its weight, the distance to the ground and its movement. The IOLS technology is able to convert each of these movements into energy: The movement distance of 1 mm of a vehicle body is sufficient to supply the IOLS system with energy.

Oculeus GmbH is the market leader for integrated software solutions within the telecommunications industry. With its globally sought-after product lines, the company has been operating successfully on the market since it was founded and is located at almost all relevant intersections of telecommunications wholesale - especially in the configuration of telecommunications networks, protection against telecommunications fraud and the management of telecommunications inter-operator roaming agreements . The company's high-quality service portfolio is evident, among other things, from its broad, international clientele: These include the top providers SFR France, Swisscom Switzerland, A1 Telecom Austria, Orbitel Columbia and 1&1 (United Internet) Germany.

An important part of the innovative and environmentally-oriented optimization of manufacturing processes in the industrial sector is above all the establishment of sustainable production processes. The keyword here is: recyclability! For this purpose, RCB Nanotechnologies GmbH, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - the world's leading organization for application-oriented research - developed a unique cleaning and separation technology for recovered soot (rCB), zinc and silica from old pyrolysis processes in just 18 months. This revolutionary technology improves the purity of products made from used tire material by up to 99%! This process thus enables tire and plastics manufacturers to reuse the soot from used tires in most of their product applications. The best side effect: By recycling carbon black, millions of tons of oil and CO₂ emissions can be saved.

BDSwiss is a Europe-wide licensed online trading company and trading portal that is authorized to provide CFD products (trading in stocks, currencies, indices and commodities). The portal offers its users an innovative trading experience through intuitive handling and uncomplicated registration processes. Since its foundation in 2012, the company has recorded continuous growth with over 1,500,000 registered profiles, customers from over 180 countries and employees all over the world.

The GermanBlueChip Pool investment fund (GBC) aims to become the single largest shareholder of globally leading German companies with a predefined strategic plan to unlock substantial value for its investors. The GBC team has built an impressive track record and can rely on a unique network of industry experts in Germany as well as profound expertise in active value creation. GBC aims to reward its investors with strong risk-adjusted returns based on outstanding expertise, experience and investment structure.

Vastani GmbH is Jan Malkus' private family office based in Frankfurt. The Management Company has a direct or indirect interest in Jan Malkus' portfolio companies and is responsible for the accounting and reporting of assets. Vastani also supports various portfolio companies with his network and international contacts in their respective business developments. The successful strategy: creating synergies between different companies and industry players.

United BOS GmbH
Gründung: 2014
Branche: Beverages
Jan Malkus: Investor

Die United Brands of Switzerland GmbH ist eine Vertriebsgesellschaft sowie ein Markenentwicklungsunternehmen im internationalen Beveragebereich. Das Unternehmen arbeitet dabei vornehmlich mit traditionellen Destillen und produziert und vertreibt insbesondere Ultra-Premium-Spirituosen mit einzigartigen Rezepturen und erlesenen Rohstoffen. Innerhalb der letzten Jahre konnte das Unternehmen seine Marken erfolgreich im internationalen Wettbewerb platzieren – darunter u. a. CALLIGAR Vodka, Bernstein Brothers Prohibited Dry Gin, Monkey Energy und Goldwater Tonic Water.

Ventura Investment AG
Foundation: 1992
Industry: Investment & Administration
Jan Malkus: Founder & Director

Ventura Investment is a private family company owned by Jan Malkus based in Zug, Switzerland. It mainly holds electronic assets (ETFs, stocks, bonds, debentures) that can be used to refinance various business areas and to support financial concerns of individual portfolio companies.

JEM Assets GmbH
Foundation: 2012
Industry: Real Estate
Jan Malkus: Founder & Director

JEM Assets GmbH is a real estate investment company owned by Jan Malkus. It pursues the goal of building and managing a wide-ranging real estate portfolio through continuous investments. The main focus is on the German real estate market - but real estate investments outside Germany are also planned in the future.