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Recognize and use potential.

Success depends on many factors, there are many possibilities. And if these remain unutilised, no number of excuses will help afterwards: The opportunity is and remains wasted. However, one cannot do it without taking risks - courage and perseverance are essential to realising visions. Jan Malkus has therefore always been about recognising and seizing opportunities: since 1991, the founder, visionary and investor has been operating successfully internationally in various sectors, business areas and markets.

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With his visionary view and business acumen, Jan Malkus understands perfectly which processes are necessary to achieve our goals…

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Zana Parr
CEO JZ Holding

I met Jan Malkus as one of the co-founders of BDSwiss Holdings Limited in 2016 when I first joined as a financial controller of BDSwiss Holding Limited. As a co-founder in 2017 he took over the role of the interim CEO to restructure BDSwiss Holding Limited during a difficult period of business conversion from binary to forex and a fully restructuring of the organization. Ever since then, we have had a close professional collaboration. After his vital and decisive boost as a CEO, he has remained as a non-executive director/advisory to the Board in BDSwiss and we often meet and discuss business products and improvements. From November 2022 I was blessed and honoured to be given the position of co-CEO of…

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Gregory Papagregoriou
CEO BDswiss Group

Jan Malkus and I met as students in Celle - our hometown - back in 1993. Jan was studying computer science at the Carola-Wilhelmina University of Technology in Braunschweig and was introduced to me by a friend because he was already using the latest computer technology at the time. Shortly afterwards, I was inspired by his idea of developing an innovative industry software solution. Together, we developed the start-up into a market leader and even then, presented software to national and international customers at CeBIT, the world's largest computer trade fair at the time. After years of successful collaboration, we parted ways for a short time until we came together again in 2000. I now work for…

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Rolf Kuschewski
Director Oculeus GmbH

Jan Malkus was introduced to me as a successful entrepreneur in 2019 by a good business friend. We met privately in Brussels about a year later during the coronavirus pandemic and immediately bonded. I advised him on a major project in Luxembourg and supported him with my network. 'I have fond memories of the many interesting discussions I have had with Jan Malkus. For me, Jan is a model entrepreneur, a 'serial entrepreneur' who never tires of developing and promoting exciting new ideas. He has a crystal-clear understanding of what he does and he knows how to get people excited about his ideas!

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Etienne Schneider
President & CEO | beta aquarii s.a First Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg a.D.

I met Jan Malkus in 2017 and was able to win his enthusiasm for my company as a partner and investor. We are a premium brand company in the beverage industry with global marketing of our products. With his visionary view and business acumen, Jan Malkus understands perfectly which processes are necessary to achieve our goals. His involvement in the company has enabled us to position ourselves on the global market and to realise many negotiations and partnerships. His team supports us in our internal processes so that we can concentrate on our core competences in marketing and sales. I particularly appreciate his honest, human, reliable manner, and the friendship with Jan Malkus.

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Zana Parr
CEO JZ Holding

I have been working for Jan within his group of companies since March 2013, and as his personal assistant since August 2014. During this time, I have grown to know the many attributes of Jan – the entrepreneur and investor. There are several qualities from Jan which I particularly admire. He is goal-driven, determined and tenacious. He is not easily deterred from his goals or disheartened in his work. The road to success is not easy and there many stones and hurdles to be overcome.......

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Jane Döbler
Executive Assistant, Vastani GmbH

Jan Malkus has been a part of my life for over 35 years now, and the many chapters of our friendship are as diverse as they are special. Our journey together began as sports mates, but over the years it developed into a deep friendship that has shaped my life in many ways. Despite my 22 years abroad, during which our meetings were sporadic, our bond remained as strong as ever. Jan always emphasised that we had "chosen each other", an unshakeable vow of loyalty that deepened our friendship. Jan Malkus is undoubtedly one of the people I trust unconditionally. In addition to his friendship, I have also experienced him as a business partner. His visions are evidence of his incredible foresight…

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Sven Maikranz
Founder & CEO Upstrive Limited

I have known Jan Malkus now for the best part of ten years. We have worked closely on a range of projects in China, the Middle East and Europe.
Jan always impresses me with his compelling energy, integrity, originality of thought and by his ability to get things done whilst ensuring that our planet becomes a better place. He is also excellent company and I look forward to our continued close cooperation for the years to come.

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John Cutts
CEO Pall Mall Group

I got to know Jan Malkus in 2000 in Frankfurt as CEO of GNT, his telecommunications company. At the time I was working for MCI Worldcom, now Verizon Business, and we provided telecoms services for his company in Germany and abroad. Our business relationship turned into a friendship that has now lasted for over two decades. I appreciate Jan for his sincere, far-sighted manner and his honest, direct nature. Our dialogue as equals has brought us both steadily forward and I look forward to the next two decades of this always sincere business relationship and friendship.

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Tobias Braun
Account Executive Palo Alto Networks GmbH

I met Jan Malkus several years ago in Zurich and was immediately impressed by his enthusiasm for the various and many subject areas of his companies. After taking a closer look at some of his projects, I decided to support Jan Malkus as a consultant with my experience, my network, and my company Consessor AG. Over the years of working with Jan Malkus, my positive impression has been reinforced: I not only experience Jan Malkus as a successful serial entrepreneur, but in more difficult situations, which can always arise in business life, I have always found Jan Malkus to be an honest, reliable, and fair businessman. I look forward to further years of co-operation in which we will work together to develop many of his exciting companies to greater prominence and international success.

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Dr. Philipp Rösler
CEO Consessor AG Bundesminister a.D.

I first met Jan Malkus for lunch on a hot summer day in 2019. What made an instant impression was not just his financial acumen, but also his ability to identify and support innovative solutions. His portfolio reflects a commitment to projects that not only adapt to change but contribute to shaping a better, more sustainable future......

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Harris Antoniades
Former EMEA Head of Financial Crimes Compliance at J.P Morgan Asset Management

I met Jan Malkus in 1996 in Düsseldorf at a trade fair for software for the property industry. Both his company and mine were exhibitors at this trade fair at the time. We stayed in touch, and with his enthusiastic manner, he was able to convince me after about six months that we should merge the two companies into a joint venture. We sold this company seven years later and founded a new software company for the telecommunications industry together in 2003. We have been partners in this company in Frankfurt for 20 years and together, he as shareholder and advisor and I as managing partner, we have guided it through all the ups and downs. In all these years, which have been quite turbulent…

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Arnd Baranowski
CEO Oculeus

I first met Jan in 2016 when I joined one of his portfolio companies BDSwiss as Head of Back Office. Since then, I have had the privilege of working with him on various fintech projects at the Group level..

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Mirka Diamanitidis
C.O.O BDSwiss

Jan Malkus was introduced to me by business partners at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2012. On the very first day, we deepened our discussions; Jan with his view from the world of finance and I with my expertise from the technology sector. At that time, Jan Malkus still had plantations in Ghana and the Philippines, and I was able to actively support him in numerous technical and agricultural challenges. Through this business relationship, we gradually developed a deep personal connection and a friendship that continues to this day. Jan is an impressive personality whom I greatly appreciate. His expertise in business matters is undisputed. His social commitment to friends and family is particularly noteworthy. He never lets his business partners down either, even when things get rough.

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Sven Altmann
CEO Technik Support

When I moved to Celle in 1996, I got to know Jan Malkus through our shared hobby of volleyball. Very quickly, in December 1996, an opportunity arose to take up a position in one of Jan's software companies. Since then, Jan has been a constant friend and companion who has always been there for me when I needed him. Our bond still exists after almost 28 years. I now work for another of Jan's software companies in Frankfurt. Even though we don't see each other every day, we're always in touch and never lose sight of each other. I also really appreciate the fact that Jan has remained so down-to-earth after all these years, that he is so approachable and that he helps when necessary. I really appreciate this trusting relationship with Jan, and I assume that it will continue for many years to come.

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Stefan Fässer
Head of Support, Oculeus GmbH

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